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Recipes are part of the heart of The Vegan Culinary Experience.

Quality - Each recipe is designed and tested by a professional vegan chef, so you can be assured of its quality. This means you can always count on the information you get with the Experience.

Categories - The recipes are separated into five differently themed weeks: Basics, Ethnic, Healthy Eats, Quick Meals, and Chef's Choice. On Monday, you will receive a breakfast recipe. On Tuesday, a side dish recipe, on Wednesday, a main course recipe, and on Thursday, a miscellaneous recipe, which could be a sauce, a side, another main course, etc. Finally, on Friday, you will receive a dessert recipe. This categorization also helps you easily identify different types of recipes, enhancing the learning process.


Education, Inspiration, Quality
Professionally Designed Recipes
Basics- Basics week is all about learning how to make staple dishes.
Ethnic - Ethnic week is about exploring cultural thems, whether that's from Ethiopian cuisine to our own backyard in the American Southwest.
Healthy Eats - All the recipes in this week are geared towards increasing energy and overall health.
Quick Meals - Each recipe will cover a dish that can be prepared in less than 30 minutes of work.
Chef's Choice - The cutting edge of vegan cuisine, this week can also be called gourmet week.

Click on the blue categories above to see an example of a recipe from the chosen category.





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