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Special International Vegetarian Union Recipes

Welcome! Recently, Chef Jason Wyrick published an article with the International Vegetarian Union on how to successfully serve meat eaters. Below is the second installment of this series, detailing how to add bold flavors to your cuisine. Get the two articles plus the bonus discussion of the various techniques discussed in part two! If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail The Vegan Culinary Experience at ChefJason@veganculinaryexperience.com.
New Recipes Coming Wednesday!

Techniques for Adding Bold Flavors to Your Cuisine - Bonus Content!
This is the bonus article covering the different techniques discussed in this month's IVU article. Read on!
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Bold Flavors! - Part 2 of the Series
In part one, Chef Jason wrote about the appeal of bold flavors to meat eaters. This article is a more in depth discussion of that idea.
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Entertaining for Meat Eaters Article - Part 1 of the Series
Learn a few tips for serving meat eaters that will leave them smiling and asking to visit your table again!
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Chipped Porcini Sandwich
A rich, hearty sandwich with a dark gravy and heady aroma. Great for mushroom lovers and those who like rich gravies!
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Roasted Red Pepper Beans
An excellent, creamy appetizer that can also serve as a filling for other recipes.
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Smoked Portabella Roulade
A touch of gourmet featuring a luxuriant filling wrapped around the crisp smokiness of a grilled portabella.
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Chipotle Aioli Potatoes
Rich and powerful, this recipe is a great attention getter. The sauce can be used as a dip, as well.
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Shredded Seitan (for BBQ sandwiches)
The filling for the BBQ sandwiches, it can also be used as a filling for enchiladas, burritos, and other goodies.
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BBQ Sauce (for BBQ sandwiches)
A nice, tangy sauce to finish off the sandwiches. Combine this one with the shredded seitan and a toasted bun to make the perfect BBQ sandwich.
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Shorba Addas
A deep, spiced tomato soup from Ethiopia. Filling, but addictive. It's hard to eat just one bowl!
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Sweet Peanut Satay
A favorite Thai street food, satays are fun to make. The satay sauce is a nice combination of sweet, sour, and creamy.
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French Toast au l'Orange
A classic sourdough French toast with a touch of orange and a trick for getting around using eggs.
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